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Many windows have nowadays Low-E,  low-emissivity, coats to enhance its energy efficiency functions. That is why it is relevant to ask can Sparklike Handheld measure Low-E coated IG units.

The answer is yes, if the other side of the double-glazed glass is clear glass. That is only when you can measure through it.


With Sparklike Laser you are able to measure double and triple glazed insulating glass units with most coatings and lamination.

Measure close to the speacer and perform the measuremnt several times. Keep the IG upright and the hand unit flush to the IG unit and do not move the hand unit during measurement. Also make sure you can see the spark and you measure on the non-laminated or non-coated side.

Like any measuring device: annually. To ease the process and reduce overall costs Sparklike offers Sparklike CARE™ at sparklike.com/care but you are also able to send to annual calibration separately.

  1. From the main menu, scroll by turning the encoder button, to the LOG ON/OFF menu.
  2. Select this by pressing the encoder button
  3. The next screen shows that the logging is to
    be started.
  4. The device will suggest the following free log
    name (number) available. If the suggested
    number is OK, simply press the encoder
    button to confirm.
  5. By turning the encoder button the number
    of the log file can be changed. One click will
    increase or decrease the number with one.
  6. When measuring a text is displayed showing
    that the logging mode is on and it will also
    display the log file number.

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