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Sparklike is the world’s leading expert for measuring the gas content of insulating glass. Gas content is a significant factor in improving the energy efficiency of insulating glass and is thus an essential part of global energy saving efforts.

8 Reasons Why Choose Sparklike

  1. Over 20 years of experience from the glass industry
  2. Advanced technology – Non-invasive testing method for insulating gas measurement  
  3. Detect faults in the IG unit – Poor gas level indicated flaws in the production process
  4. Complete your IG quality control process – Insulating gas value is an essential part of IGU
  5. Offer high-quality IG units with proven evidence – Minimized warranty claims
  6. Cost savings in production – Lower material waste
  7. Increase energy efficiency of IGU – Up to 30 % lower u-value with 85 – 90 % gas fill rate
  8. Automatization – Consistent process control and reduce labor cost

Sparklike Story 

Sparklike – the Global Standard to Measure Insulating Gas

What has started as a two-men-project is currently a globally know business. In 2000, Niklas Törnkvist and Mats Therman started to pursue their idea, since the challenge of the insulating glass industry was confirming the correct filling degree and ensuring that the initial gas concentration will remain inside the insulating glass unit (IGU) overtime. Sparklike was born to support the quality control process with its unique technology to measure insulating glass – non-destructively.

The first product, a semi-portable analyzer, was developed in cooperation between university researchers and the entrepreneurs as early as in 2001. This innovation solved the challenge of testing. Today, the first device, GasGlass 1002, is known as Sparklike Handheld. The Sparklike GG 1002 was much clunkier but as the company grew, it was developed to be fully portable, and the team increased the accuracy even further. The response from the target market – IGU-manufacturers, testing laboratories and window processors – was very encouraging. The technology was solid and the application both fast and accurate.

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Then became Laser – Ability to measure double and triple IGUs with coatings and glazing

While the spectrum analysis technology, applied in earlier Sparklike devices, solved the issue of measuring the insulating gas content, in a unique non-invasive way, it was however faced with limitations due to continued industry development. New types of high-performance glass products were introduced, and new coating solutions brought substantial savings in energy inflow from solar radiation. In 2011, Sparklike set out for a new technology breakthrough in initiating development work based on laser application. This resulted in a new product line – Sparklike Lasers ™ – launched on the market in Fall 2014. Today this product line consists of Sparklike Laser Portable ™ and Sparklike Laser Integrated ™. We were able to develop a laser system to meet the market demand that focuses on the measurement of oxygen absorption.


Today Sparklike is a global operator who supports IG-lines, window manufacturers, inspectors, and many others by making sure that every glass gets measured. This is part of quality assurance, but Sparklike and its partners are part of something bigger. Today’s architectural design favors the use of glass both as a structural element and as a way to improve lighting inside. At the same time, glass windows are one of the most sensitive building components when it comes to assuring energy-efficiency in construction. The window industry has responded to the energy-efficiency requirement by developing different types of insulated glass structures to maximize the thermal performance and minimize the U-value of IGUs – energy penetration through the glass. Therefore, measuring insulating gas fill of IGUs matters


Revolutionizing Energy Efficiency in the Insulating Glass Industry


To Become the Global Standard to Measure Insulating Gas – Every Glass Gets Measured


Quality, Reliability, Customer Centricity, Innovation


One key feature in modern insulating glass unit is filling it with inert gas since it plays a significant role in its thermal performance. Obtaining a required amount of insulating gas during production and keeping the gas inside the unit for many years, has thus an important effect on the insulating glass unit’s energy efficiency. Energy loss always leads to unwanted and unnecessary costs.

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