Sparklike Customer Satisfaction Survey Results 2024

At Sparklike, we continuously strive to enhance our products and services to meet the needs and expectations of our valued customers. To this end, we conducted our annual customer satisfaction survey between April and June 2024 across various regions, including Europe, North America, China, South Korea, and Japan. The survey aimed to gather insights on customer experiences with our products and services. We are pleased to share some of the key findings and feedback provided by our customers.

We also conducted a giveaway of a Finnish design product for one respondent. This year the winner was Jørn Christensen from VELUX. Congratulations!

Key Scores and Insights

  • Overall Satisfaction Score: 8,32

Customer Service Responsiveness

  • Score: 8,72 (Highest score)
  • “You keep us well informed if delays are to be expected in case ordering new equipment. Whenever after sale support or regular support is needed I am getting replies much faster than the market average.”

Product Satisfaction and Suggestions

Product Quality:

  • Score: 8,55

Over 80 % of the respondent said that the device meets their needs extremely well or somewhat well. However, the open-ended questions gave us good ideas for product development in the future.   

  • “Wireless data transport.”
  • “Battery level indicator for laser portable.”

Customer Recommendations

  • Likelihood to Recommend: The majority of customers expressed a high likelihood to recommend Sparklike products to others, emphasizing the reliability and effectiveness of our devices in measuring IG gas concentration.

Services and Maintenance

Service Satisfaction:

  • Score: 8,31
  • Feedback: “Whenever I need service, I get it. For me, the service level is ‘world class.'”

Open-Ended Feedback Highlights

Positive Experiences:

  • “Quick answer to our questions. We had a request, it was listened to.”
  • “Professional service, very good contact.”
  • “Responsive to my questions and concerns. We feel valued as a customer. Persistence in solving problems. Professional.”

Areas for Improvement:

  • “Provide more information about the machine, its tolerance, the reason for its need for calibration (based on what criteria?), and the option for the language to be in Spanish.”

To give our customer more information about our maintenance and calibration we have gathered articles on this site. Read “Why Calibrate and Service Your IGU Quality Control Equipment Annually” which highlights the importance of calibration to the accuracy of the results.

  • “More service points.”
  •   “It would be better if there was a UK calibration center.”

To serve our customers better, we have made long-term plans regarding service points and continuously trying to find out the best practices. This year we have opened Sparklike Handheld Calibration Centers with Elegant IG in Australia, New Zealand, and Southeast Asia and with Polver in Poland, Latvia, and Lithuania. In June we also launched UK-based Calibration center with Inagas. Read the whole story “Sparklike Responds to UK Customer Needs with New Calibration Centre”.


We are grateful for the valuable feedback from our customers, which helps us to understand their needs better and improve our products and services accordingly. Our commitment to providing exceptional customer service and high-quality products remains unwavering. Thank you to all our customers who participated in the survey and for your continued support of Sparklike.

For any further queries or support, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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