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Non-destructive insulating gas measurement

Enhancing the insulation of Insulating Glass Unit (IGU) is achieved by using argon or krypton between glass panes. These gases minimize heat conduction within the IGU and when coupled with a low-emissivity (low-e) glass coating, these gases contribute to lowering the window’s U-value. To maintain the U-value of IGUs, manufacturers must ensure that the gas content in the cavity between the panes of glass remains as high as possible throughout the life cycle of the product.

Sparklike’s non-invasive technology measure gas concentration of double and triple glazed IGUs on production or on-site with individual product quality checks or perform long term automated tests without breaking the glass.

The Global Standard to Measure Insulating Gas – Every Glass Gets Measured 

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Real safety along the entire value chain

Sparklike’s customer Technoform, a German manufacturer of plastic profiles, has been offering non-invasive TDLAS measurements of IGUs with the Sparklike Laser Portable™, as a service to support all participants along the entire value chain in the quality assurance and further development of their products.

“The big advantage with Sparklike Laser Portable™ is that the gas measurement can be used for quality assurance in the middle of the process, at the end of the insulating glass line or in the already installed state. This ensures real safety along the entire value chain for all parties involved.”
Technoform’s Team Manager,
Sebastian Plettenberg:
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Proven energy-efficiency on IG products

Sparklike is a proudly Finnish company with a global operation sphere since 2000. We help the manufacturers and suppliers in the insulating glass industry to be competitive leaders in the IG business through cost savings in production and quality control of IG units by improving product quality, reducing callback risk, and finally strengthening their brand. Also, did you know that insulating glass unit without insulating gas can have up to 30% lower U-value than with gas filling over 85-90%.

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