Sparklike Laser Portable™

Non-destructive insulating gas measurement device

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Sparklike Laser Portable™ – Non-destructive insulating gas measurement device

Sparklike Laser Portable™ 2.1 measures insulating gas concentration on triple and double-glazed units. IGUs gas concentration levels can be measured at any point in the production process, at the construction site, or after installation due to its compact trolley unit for easy maneuverability.

New Sparklike Laser Portable™ 2.1 – Double operational time and bigger 12” screen for easier use
  • Dual battery — 4–6 hours cordless operation
  • Barcode reader as default 
  • Protective transport box to assure safer deliveries
  • Larger HD 12” touch screen 
  • Charger indicator
  • Main switch

Proof of your IGUs’ quality without losing a single unit

Since insulating gas impact on the U-value, it is important to monitor the gas concentration to guarantee the benefits. The device measures oxygen, and the results are converted to concentration of argon, krypton, and other insulating gases. Thanks to the non-destructive technology, measured units can be delivered to the end user and checked again later after installation. The battery-operated, portable device is based on laser technology (TDLAS) and enables insulating gas check at any point of the production flow. The device is easy to handle in different measuring positions due to ErgoGrip™ – three handles and start-buttons.

"The gas measurement can be used for quality assurance in the middle of the process, at the end of the insulating glass line or in the already installed state. This ensures real safety along the entire value chain for all parties involved. -- Also, the portability of the device has given our customers and us the added benefit of being more flexible. In addition, the accuracy of measurement for gas concentration as well as cavity and glass thicknesses are a big improvement for customers."
Sebastian Plettenberg

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Sparklike Laser Portable™ / How to use

Due to portability and convenient measuring head, it is easy to get a fast readings of gas concentration. The user can simply place the device against the unit, press the button and receive an instant result with high accuracy.

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